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From my experience I know that ladies who have their faces cropped will almost always get less work than those that show their face fully the choice of course is yours

When sending in your application to be considered for an interview I require at least 4 to 6 photos of yourself on your own

  • You must have your full face showing for your application
  • You must include two topless shots
  • You must send in full length shots in stockings and underwear
  • Business dressed or casual
  • They must be original size and no more than a month old - do not resize them


I will not consider applications that are sent with crap pictures taken on a mobile phone, party snaps or happy holiday snaps webcam or that do not follow the guidelines above so please don't waste my time - remember first impressions count always, it just like applying for any other form of work

Part Time hours evenings only from 6pm / 7pm - Full Time hours from 10am till 12pm (Extra hours can be worked if discussed with myself)

If you are accepted on to the agency and require a set of photographs taken by myself for use on my agency websites there will be a fee of £60 to pay in advance which you will get back after you have completed your first 20 jobs

If you wish to get your own professional photographer, he or she MUST contact me first before you go ahead with the shoot otherwise you will just be wasting your shoot fee's! which could be anywhere between £150-£300


Complete the application form below

Note: any applications sent without pictures will be deleted - if you are having problems attaching pictures call me

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